Wonderful Tosca

We had a wonderful time playing our first gig at Tosca in Hingham last night.  A very kind patron who voluntarily promotes the bands that play there via e-mail had fabulous things to say about us and will help bring customers in to listen, eat, drink and dance when we perform!  Yes, come to find out there's a large group of regular Tosca patrons that loves to dance and the restaurant kindly removes some tables in the Wine Room at 10:00 so they can do so!  And we can play a mixture of tempos and styles starting at that hour, so we will continue with a lot of our pop favorites mixed in with the jazz.  The staff at Tosca is very kind and management wants us to play there on a regular basis.  We are very excited and grateful to have found a great new gig.  Thank you, Tosca!

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