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Lynn Jolicoeur and The Pulse: Music

Maple And Main

(Lynn Jolicoeur and The Pulse)
December 7, 2012
Steven Travis

At the corner of Maple and Main Streets

Waiting for lights to change

I’ve been here for hours

Counting the flowers

And wondering if it will rain


There’s a market across from the center

Where a couple is buying some bread

Daylight is streaming

Oranges gleaming

And I’m stuck here inside of my head


I know what I feel

And I’ve felt this before

Should I look back to find it

Or stumble some more

My chances are thrilling

The day seems quite willing

My options are what the whole world has in store


Come take my hand

I will lead you

Here by my side

You’ll find the way

Meet me downtown

Life is beginning

I’ll show you I love you

In so many ways